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Apresa: Transforming Herbicide Use in South American Agriculture

ADAMA's Apresa is a pre-emergent herbicide offering enhanced weed control, with potential to dominate South American soybean fields.
Key Takeaways
  • Apresa by ADAMA is a powerful pre-emergent herbicide that boasts up to 20% greater efficacy than tank mixed solutions.
  • With two complementary modes of action, it offers broad-spectrum weed control and a significant residual effect, making it beneficial for soybeans and other crops.
  • Utilizing ADAMA’s unique TOV oil dispersion formulation technology, Apresa maximizes its dual active ingredients.
  • After rigorous trials in soybean, corn, and other crops, Apresa has been acknowledged as a top-tier tool for Weed Resistance Management (WRM).
  • Apresa is anticipated to be a leading pre-emergent herbicide in South American soybean fields, with its use extended to crops like corn, peanuts, sugarcane, certain vegetables, and forestry.

ADAMA Ltd., a frontrunner in global crop protection, is bringing a herbicide revolution to the forefront: Apresa. The company announced its wider availability today, setting a new standard for pre-emergent weed control solutions.

Higher Efficacy in Weed Control

What sets Apresa apart? The answer lies in its enhanced efficacy. Compared to traditional tank mixed solutions, Apresa showcases an efficacy that’s heightened by up to 20%. This efficiency is attributed to its dual complementary modes of action present in high concentrations. This eliminates stubborn grass and broadleaf weeds and furnishes a potent residual effect. Soybean farmers, in particular, will find this beneficial, but its advantages also extend to other crops.

Innovation in Formulation

Apresa is powered by ADAMA’s in-house TOV oil dispersion formulation technology. This innovation is pivotal in maximizing the herbicide’s dual active ingredients, offering farmers a formidable weapon against weeds.

Romeu Stanguerlin, SVP of Latin America at ADAMA, emphasized the importance of such solutions for farmers. “Our customers consistently seek to optimize their crop protection measures. Apresa answers that call with its robust, concentrated formula, presenting an easy-to-use solution primed for regenerative agriculture,” Stanguerlin stated. He added that early-season weed control, like that provided by Apresa, can significantly enhance crop yield and quality.

Recognized Performance and Extended Use

Apresa’s stellar performance hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over 200 trials on crops, including soybean and corn, underlined its efficacy against several vital weeds. This performance, recognized by advisors, researchers, and farmers alike, positions Apresa as a premium tool in Weed Resistance Management (WRM), offering a prolonged, often season-long effect.

Following its successful introduction in Brazil and subsequent launches in Argentina and Paraguay, Apresa is on track to dominate the pre-emergent herbicide market for soybean fields in South America. Its application isn’t restricted to soybeans. Farmers cultivating corn, peanuts, sugarcane, specific vegetables, and even forestry stand to benefit from this innovative herbicide.

ADAMA: A Global Pioneer in Crop Protection

ADAMA Ltd. remains steadfast in its commitment to providing global farmers with solutions tailored to combat the trifecta of agricultural woes: weeds, insects, and diseases. Boasting one of the world’s most diverse portfolios of active ingredients, coupled with cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing facilities, ADAMA stands at the forefront of crop protection innovation. Their ethos, rooted in empowering their team to understand farmers’ needs and innovate accordingly, has positioned ADAMA as a unique entity offering a vast array of specialized products catering to local needs in over 100 countries worldwide.

Image provided by ADAMA

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