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Metro Pacific and LR Group Invest in Sustainable Vegetable Greenhouse

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Metro Pacific Investments Corp. and LR Group have partnered to invest in a vegetable greenhouse facility in the Philippines, which is expected to improve the country’s agricultural productivity and food security. The groundbreaking ceremony for Metro Pacific Fresh Farms (MPFF) was held on February 20 to produce over 1,200 metric tons of high-quality vegetables annually. The facility will utilize sustainable greenhouses and modern farming technologies, which are expected to reduce water and land usage, as well as the need for fertilizers and pesticides.

MPFF will also cover the entire value chain of vegetable production, from seedling production to packaging and marketing of the goods. Innovative Agriculture Industry Ltd., an affiliate of Israeli partner LR Group, will also be involved in the investment, marking the second collaboration between LR Group and MPIC. The first was under a dairy partnership.

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LR Group’s involvement in agriculture since 1985 has made them a reputable partner for agricultural investments. Their experience in farming, greenhouse, poultry, and dairy projects will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the MPFF venture. With the high inflation rate in the Philippines caused by supply chain problems, the move is a necessary step toward achieving food security and agricultural sustainability.

Sustainable agriculture has become increasingly important as the world’s population grows and resources become scarce. The MPFF’s sustainable greenhouses and modern farming technologies will reduce the use of natural resources such as water and land while increasing productivity. The partnership’s investment in the vegetable greenhouse facility shows its commitment to sustainable agriculture and food security in the Philippines.

Photo by C Bueza on Unsplash 

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